What Is Your Escape Fantasy?

What thoughts make you feel better? What do you think about when you want to run
away? One option is meditation. For me another favorite is researching camping.
There are so many great options. In the USA there are wonderful places to camp
everywhere. You throw a rock, and beautiful campground.

Forget about the fact that have so many limitations at the moment, it is still
great to plan and daydream and run away! Does everybody want to "just run away"?
I can't be unique here!

As I mentionned in a posting, inspired by a house I own in an isolated pinewood, the dream escape is to find myself in a sanatorium, surrounded by pinetrees in the cold summer breezeā€¦ I have the sea at my feet but the idea of an imaginary forest sounds more inviting and relaxing. The fall of the night with a glass of red in absolute silence concludes the pleasureā€¦

Sometimes I'd LOVE to run away...my problem is that I'm too responsible to run away. Alas...

I certainly daydream about running away,, escaping, just being somewhere else but where I am if even for a while

I think a few days of camping on the river, laying on a tube, kickin back floating in the water, just relaxing. Or laying in a lounge chair under the tree taking a nap listening to the campsite sounds all around me. No stress, no phones, no deadlines, just being there. Definitely a daydream.