Stress and recovery

Hello everyone,

I’m really struggling right now with extreme fatigue, and I can only guess it’s the stress of the political situation in the USA right now. I’ve watched my diet (some foods cause me terrible brain fog), I’ve tried to get decent amounts of sleep (although quality is questionable when stressed), and stress is the only thing I can think about!

I’ve been trying to get in better shape (both brain and body) so I can try to get a job next year - of course finances are always a worry. My hubby says I’m a professional worrier.

How do you handle stress and stress-related symptoms?


Hi Laura,
I too am STRESSED! I just typed you a long message and somehow I just deleted it. Aaagggggg! This year has been horrible. ADEM is not causing it, but the stress is not helping my conditions. Between aging, working, COVID, my aunt and we believe my father, died within 3 months of each other from it and then traveling back and forth out of state to help my mom, I am exhausted. Right now, all this political stuff has us very depressed also. I guess what helps my stress the most is working out in the yard or with my gardens. When I’m outside, there is no phone, just my own thoughts. I think, you need to simply do things that you’re able to do and that you enjoy.
Just my 2 cents worth of complaining and wisdom…! SAM is very good at cheering me up!!! what's for dinner

Hi Lynn,

Thank you so much for responding. Sometimes (even in a house full of adults) I feel very alone in my head!

I’m so sorry for your losses and the efforts you’ve had to go through to help. I too know that helping (and emotions) are EXHAUSTING even without ADEM.

For me, I just feel like I’m in my head - and I’m afraid even being away from the phone and internet/TV isn’t enough. I’m like a hamster running on a wheel, obsessing about anything and everything. I have found that at night shutting off my phone completely has kept me from checking election all night long.

I have two dogs that really help when I get emotional which I appreciate. I think that one challenge I’m having right now is the mixed blessing of everyone being home ALL THE TIME. My husband and my brother (who moved in to help with finances and my mom who has COPD) are both working from home. So 4 adults, 2 dogs and 2 cats in a 1700 sq ft house…

Sorry, I’m not really complaining. It’s just the overwhelm I’m feeling with ho place I can go to escape with libraries closed.

Hopefully the election will be off our minds soon. Have a great day!


My husband and I work out of our house also and Sam, at 150 lbs, is like having a third person in the house. I think this election has everyone stressed out. Taking care (mentally and physically) of ourselves can be difficult and when you add a family member who is ill and needs help, that can simply raise the stress levels. I read an article on Michael J. Fox this morning…my problems are minor compared to what he has had to deal with. I try and think how lucky I have been. Any time you want to vent, let me know. “THIS TOO WILL PASS.”