How do you cope?

I've been home 3 days and I'm getting more depressed each day I was so used to being independent but now I rely on every one else for everything and my family don't get it I just have to accept it they say but they don't know how hard this is

Hi Binx. I went through the same thing. I told myself "Well, it is a break, I guess". So, I took it as a break where everybody wanted to help me out. Also, I got depressed, and angry, and furious. I didn't deny how I felt; and I allowed myself to experience the full range of my emotions. There are a lot of them, and that helped me.

So sorry I have only just replied to you… I have been so busy with appointments and things x

I feel exactly like this now. Still cannot believe it happened to me. I was always healthy and never asked anyone for help. Now i feel like i am a burden.

Awe hunnie your not a burden it’s hard to accept it I know but you’ll be fine :slight_smile: x