Hope has been cancelled

Last week my doctor said I’d be home on the 18th today he said I can’t I’m so upset I’ve been here over 6 weeks I can’t take it anymore I’m so upset

Six weeks in the hospital isn't anyone's idea of a good time, Binx. I hope you get sprung in time for the holidays. Ask your family and friends to help you with some fun distractions to make the time go swiftly. Feel better soon.

The physios that are working with me have recommended I goo home next week because my I'm lucky my mums house is already equipped for disability and she's already a carer for my grandma so the physios are happy for me to go home I'll just need before they send me home is a narrow wheelchair for the house I've already got a walker for when I'm not tired and a proper wheelchair for outside so with any luck I can go home soon cos here I'm not getting any treatment from my consultant my steroids can be given on prescription cos ther stopping in 15 days anyway they give me trysabri in outpatients once a month so medically I shouldn't be here.