Left deflated

Well been 2 hospital today with daughter left feeling positive gave her exercises 2 do then had a call from gp at hospital to say they wanted a lumbar puncture and to start treatment which as made us feel a bit low because we thought she would get thru without treatment

I had a lumbar punch. Pretty normal to do. Just thinking positively, She may or may not need treatment. I had 4 1/2 days of steroid IV. It set me on the path of healing. Let me know how things are advancing. Lynn

Sounds like things are going well. Rock on.

She had treatment and physio and seems 2 b on the road 2 full recovery (fingers crossed) she had another mri scan yesterday so will need 2 wait 4 results but we are a lot more positive now just keeping everything crossed and realising how lucky she as been up to now

I have every crossed for you too. Good luck, keep us informed. Lynn