A little deflated

My daughter was diagnosed Jan 2017 and as battled she is now what we class as back 2 normal but we’ve been 4 last scan results 2day and ad good news and not so good :frowning: the lesions they were concerned with av either disappered or massively improved but there’s a new 1 :frowning: so they can’t rule out multiple sclerosis absolutely gutted

I can’t stop thinking about results we’ve ad 2day and I’m scared stiff she’ll have some sort of relapse :sob: we go on holiday in a few weeks I’m now worrying about that

I think a heart to heart with your GP might be a good idea, Beckyt. Discuss your plans for going on holiday and also your worries and anxiety surrounding the uncertainties of the test results.

Holidays are important times for families, and it’s important that your vacay is as good as it possibly can be, for your daughter as well as for you. You’ll be able to weather the medical storms that much better if you get a chance to relax and enjoy, rather than worry.

What’s the plan for the holiday?

Seenie from Moderator Support.

Hi Beckyt. Thank you for sharing with us the news. All progress is always great to hear. From what you said you are going on vacation. So, that is great great news. Enjoy it. Your daughter’s condition is stable and good for a good vacation, right? So enjoy it. If the medical skies are clear right now then enjoy it. We’ll be thinking of you both.