I have had such a bad few days after a very positive last week. Why has the last few days I have felt soo low. Feel like Iā€™m going backwards :frowning:

It will be okay, Vicky. Sometimes it happens like that. I hope you start going forwards again soon.

Happens to me every now and then also. Sorry to hear it is tough. Hang in there.


It does happen...Try and concentrate on something you enjoy doing. Try to change your stress...it may help. When we ponder on something over and over again, it tends to drag us down. Take care of yourself.

Hi Vicky, Thinking of you!

Thank you matts mom. On a more positive note which has made
Me happy, my menstrual cycle
Has come back today after a year which meansg
Body is getting back to normal :slight_smile: hope Matt is ok.

Thank you all for your support :slight_smile:

Vicky. If you haven't had a period for a year and now it is back at the same time you are feeling low maybe it's the hormones that are kicking in. Hormones are powerful chemicals and your body hasn't experienced them at full power for awhile. You may have thought about that already since it was a few days ago, and may be better now, but thought I would suggest that. Sylvia.


I totally agree with you Sylvia, could be to do with my periods coming back which is Great :slight_smile:

Yesterday was a bad day for my sweetheart. He felt totally dull. No appetite, no ambition to do a thing. Can't ever really put his finger on his feelings other than, " I just don't care about deciding a thing, not what I want to do, or eat or even if I feel like eating. I just feel dull".

This is when I leave him alone and say okay, I will give you this space to feel this way. Maybe today will be better for him. As for me I have a stiff neck and a headache....stress I guess. Oh well...busy work week, carrying on.