Feeling lucky and thankful

Been a year since ADEM and it’s been a long road and still time to go but my amazing consultant was right, you will see minor changes but after a year you will see a big change and he’s right! I still get emotional and tired a lot. On the postive side I’m back to work full time and off the medication, everything is going in the right direction. I’m most thankful for mum, if she hadn’t of found me the way I was this could have gone a completely different way! But not to look at the negative side, it’s all about positivity and when I attend a cognitive group (I suffer cognitively) I was endeavour to stress how important it is to be postive and you can be pretty much back to normal, I am! Il never be the same again as I’ve had a wake up call and I’m a lot stronger. A lot to be thankful about.

Great post, Vicky. Positivity is a powerful thing.

Hi Vicky,

Congrats on the progress! What is a cognitive group and how did you find it?



So happy for you Vicky! Ken

what medicine were you on? Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Thank you guys. Laura it’s in London at edgeware hospital. Il find out and let you know. I was on steroids and I had a steriod rash so was on medication for that which has gone down now. Also had the plasma exchange x

I am also just past a year and things are much better than one year ago. You have to stay positive...I'm thrilled for you and pray that all of us continue to gain new improvement.