Proof that it was from a vaccine?

Anyone with ADEM that has been caused by a vaccine? How did you doctor prove that it was from the vaccine or did they just say it was plausible?

Yes. I had to show cause in order to collect compensation from the US government.

It took almost 2 years and much paperwork and an expert witness.

But I succeeded in getting enough $ to buy my home. But nor enough for ling term care should my husband pass. He is my caregiver.

Mine was from my annual flu shot.

So here’s this…
While I was in the hospital the medical records said possible ADEM post vaccination after 2 1/2 weeks of no diagnosis other than ADEM post vaccination …two weeks later I am discharged with no clear diagnosis. I have an appointment with a neurologist after I leave the hospital to get diagnosed with NMO. Then some weeks later they want to change my diagnosis to ADEM or MOG…the only thing that is holding them back is differentiating the two and was it caused by a vaccine. I am being pulled in so many directions. I had two vaccinations 1 week prior to showing symptoms, so how can they not be sure if it was the vaccinations that started this??
I was a pretty healthy person and didn’t get common colds…so what’s the hold up?? See what I’m saying?

Regardless of what ANYONE said at this point, you need to go to the VARS website and start the process.

Do not let anyone dissuade you from doing this. The government oays for the attorney. Select one from their list. DO NOT PICK JUDT ANY LAWYER–be it a friend or a friend of a friend or a relative. The attorney must be experienced in vaccine injury cases.

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