Anxious after vaccines

Hello! It’s been 5 years since my husband was hospitalized with ADEM. It was a long hellacious road but thankfully he has since had a full recovery. His was related to sickness - common cold we are assuming bc that’s all he had prior.

My middle child just received her 4 year old vaccines this morning and by night was complaining it’s hard to walk and has developed a 104 fever - common postvaccine side effects but a little high on the fever side for my liking. She fell asleep super early and of course, my anxiety is getting the best of me. Regardless of my rational brain telling me this is likely common post vaccine reaction, it’s still super nerve-wracking just knowing it’s a possibility.

Anyone else get anxiety after vaccines?

Every time, but I do it so I don’t bring it , the flu,home to my husband.

I do. It seems like we are being offered more vaccines for more illnesses. There are also more additives in the vaccines.

I do and a lot of my friends do when the flu vaccine season comes upon us. Several have suffered with heavy cold and chest infections this year after the extra strong one for the over 65’s. I decided to try covering myself this year and took Sambucol and Echinacea for a week beforehand and 2 weeks thereafter and touch wood, apart from feeling very tired, nothing else happened this year. But as my daughter is unable to take it again due to her ADEM symptoms starting about 5 weeks after hers in 2015, I still have it. She takes Sambucol all through the winter now so hopefully it will help her immune system.

I developed an adverse reaction from my seasonal flu shot 8 years ago, which resulted in AEDM.

I can no longer get any vaccine whatsoever.

In fact, I was awarded a sizeable settlement from the Federal Government (VAR fund).

Was in hospital 5 weeks and in nursing home for one.

Still have serious residuals 8 years later.


Hi Tara, I’m post 4 years ADEM, non vaccine related, no findings. However oddly enough, I have had anaphylaxis post tetanus as an adult, long before I got ADEM. We are all so different! Hope your daughter will be ok.