MMR Vaccine after ADEM?

Hi, my daughter had ADEM when she was 2 and had not had the MMR vaccine yet. I keep wanting to give it to her but then get super terrified because the vaccine is associated with ADEM, in fact measles, mumps and rubella are all associated with ADEM and they are all in one shot! My question is, has anyone given their child this immunization or others after ADEM?

My son was diagnosed and treated when he was just turning five. He was severely ill and thank God has made a complete recovery. He is now almost 11. His neurologist recommended following the prescribed vaccination schedule and we have. He has had all required childhood vaccines as well as flu shots, hepatitis vaccinations and h1n1. No problems. The risk of ADEM from measles infection in the general population is 1 in 2000 I believe. Very high; measles is an awful disease as are mumps (can cause sterility in males) and rubella (severe fetal malformations). When I took him for his kindergarten vaccine boosters I was nervous for sure but I trust his neurologist absolutely. Good luck; it gets easier as time goes on to be more comfortable with these types of things.