Vaccine caused ADEM

Dose anyone know or suspect u got ADEM due to vaccinations ?

yes I definitely got it from a mmr vaccine but I had so much memory loss and health issues after the encephalitis that my family was so happy I was alive and we never pursued a settlement and the docs didn't tell us that I was entitled to it so I didn't try until it was over 3 yrs and of course they have a statue of limitations of 3 yrs ! But in all the research I have done in the past 13 yrs I have learned that the MMR vaccine is known to cause ADEM

did the doctor tell you about the vaccine illness and injury fund ?

I had my MMR one month before my symptoms started to occur. My Dr. mentioned it once and then never liked to talk about it again.

I found out about the vaccine illness and injury fund through a woman who got encephalitis from a vaccine and there are special lawyers that will handle your case for free and get you compensation, I am having a bad TN flair up but tomorrow ill look for the info and put it on here for you.

Thank you, newmustangsally, I had never heard of it before. Here is a link to the US program:

And here is some information about programs in other countries:

Tanya, I am sorry -- there is currently no program like this in Australia. But, I believe you should consult a lawyer.

How have you reached out to your community, Tanya? Have you used the media? local churches? phoned your politicians?

Tanyam have you looked into the carer allowance, carer payment, and other services offered on this government site?

Tanya, can you please tell me how long before your husband had the whooping cough vaccine did the ADEM start? We got them when our son was born, it will be 3 years ago in May. I'm just trying to figure out what brought this on with my husband.

tanya said:

We had the whooping cough vaccine and it crippled my husband .

Do you have the vaccine injury lawyer info still on hand that you could please forward me?
Thank you
Renee :slight_smile:

Hello again ‘system’,
I’d be very interested in your research and findings regarding MMR and ADEM.
I am new to this site and still finding my feet, are you able to forward me any of these findings here? I am specifically interested in the possible risks to the children of ADEM diagnosed parents regarding if they were to be vaccinated.
Thank you

Renee, I believe that “System” indicates that the person is not on the community any longer. (It could be as simple as not having re-registered when we changed platforms.) But no harm in asking: you never know who will answer!