No Sign of a Virus Causing ADEM

We just heard from Infectious Disease that no virus was found that caused Abby’s ADEM. Has anyone heard of this? If not, What could have caused it? Any insight is helpful.


I had a neurovirus first, leading into ADEM. Has she had any vaccinations prior to the ADEM?


Doctors didn’t find a virus that caused Zoelyn’s either, however it did take 6 weeks before she was diagnosed and they took spinal fluid to see what could have caused it so the doctors said that sometimes when it is going on for that long the virus is no longer in the body.

They did not find a virus that caused my son’s ADEM either. He had a runny nose about a week or two before symptoms started but no fever or anything. His neurologist said sometimes they’re just not able to find one. He hadn’t had any vaccinations so we don’t know what really caused it either.

No vaccinations prior. After further discussions with infectious disease, they are saying that there may have been a virus, they just cant identify it.

I’m guessing/hoping that was abby’s case as well. Thanks for your insite

I suppose this is more common that not which is reassureing. thanks for posting