Zika virus causing A.D.E.M

Just wanted to share with members on the news today. Zika virus causing ADEM


Just wonderful...another means to get ADEM.


I know this looks like bad news and yes awful news. but don't you think this could get A.D.E.M. on the map to getting some real attention????? something rare with very little resources could give us attention and maybe some funding.

I thought of that too, but I hate to think about how some people suffer like they do. I wish there was some other way we could get attention than this.

I know research says...if an adult gets ADEM once, you won't get it again. SO, here's the question...Has anyone talked to their doctor about Zika, as I don't have a specialist? If we have had ADEM, can Zika cause us to get it again? Thanks

I have not talked to doctors about it. my next appointment wont be till june ....after my sons next set of MRI'S. honestly I don't think they know. They cant even explain my sons problems and know he doesn't have the usual textbook signs of A.D.E.M. yet has these type of weird episodes throughout the day and they wont say its from A.D.E.M. of course we all agree that it kind of is from A.D.E.M. he is better then he was in September but will we ever be the same again???? will he have this the rest of his life???? no one can tell me...

From a podcast I listened to if you had ADEM you will not get it again and if you get the Zika virus after a prior ADEM attack you may get another encephalitis but not ADEM.