Neuropathy, Catheters and RA too

My husband was also paralyzed from the chest down. He was first diagnosed April 2013. He consistently has these issues with the legs. Muscle spasms and cramps. He also experiences tremors in his hands. There are more issues he has in addition to this. Some of his body doesn’t work. As he has had 85 lesions on his spinal cord. I’m not sure if the leg cramps will ever get any better. I have been reading on .gov and .org sites about calcium and magnesium. You need the calcium to break down the magnesium for your body to absorb it. I read that it helps heal the sheathing around the spinal cord myelin. It also helps relax muscles and heal connective tissues. Amongst other things. I just bought my husband 600mg calcium and 400mg of magnesium. Two separate pills. The pills you can get together in the same pill, doesn’t offer nearly as much magnesium. Since ADEM he has developed Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also got him fish oil with all the omegas. They are currently on same at Costco this month. I’m still learning and researching a whole lot. I love the fact I found this support group. It explains a lot that we don’t know. Like our own little study. If you have any other questions I’ll be happy to talk with you and give you support. I’m not sure if you can send messages thru this site but I think of you Type the @ sign and anyone’s user name it will notify them by email. I’ve also been reading on .org and .gov sites about the healing properties in black seed oil. You just need to do your homework on the products out there. I always add .gov in my searches so I can get good info. My favorite site is


Hi @Steph4, you seem extremely proactive, and your husband is lucky to have you by his side. I am so sorry to hear about his struggles, and I wanted to hear from you on how everything is going now. Have you found any supplements that seem to be working better than others? It would be useful for many of us to know anyway.

I am also going to introduce you to @Marley, who had expressed interest in reaching out to you earlier but didn’t get the chance to.

Best of luck @Steph4, love your approach, and I look forward to hearing updates from you.

-Arjuna from ModSupport.