Help please!

hey everyone: . Im currently completing a long round of steroids ( I'm 8 months after diagnosis , still had some inflammation and my new neurologist wanted to knock it down even more ). Now I'm having these crazy sensations down my spine, like tingly , unpleasant sensation. My neurologist thinks it could be the result of inflammation decreasing and nerve repair. Has anyone heard this?? It's making me nervous because it's a new feeling during recovery. Thank you all very much.

My son was only 5 when he was ill but he described “prickles” in his arms and legs. He was on gabapentin for this for around 6 months.

Did you have an mri? I had 4 plus two lumbar punctures plus 2 rounds of 5 drips of solumendrol each before being diagnosed with MS though the initial diagnosis was ADEM…These tingly sensations you mention remind me of Lermite’s effect, i.e a feeling as if an electric current transverses your spine when you bend your head down. Sure your doc knows better and I hope he is right, I m just sharing an experience with you that might be helpful.

My son is 10 months after ADEM and has slight tingly sensations sometimes. Sometimes he feels like his senses are dulled and his whole body is asleep. He thinks it's getting better but he doesn't really study it. AND since he is hoping to go on a long bike ride this weekend he isn't going to tell me about anything getting worse.

I am 3 years past ADEM. it will go away. I get a shoot of 80 MG of depromedral every 3and a half weeks .Doc can't figure out but it helps my mental clarity. Something is swallen a little in my brain and it helps.