Electrostimulation anyone?

Hey Everyone. Did anyone get electrostimulation of the muscles, either with pads or acupuncture needles during their physical therapy or occupational therapy? Does anyone do it at home? What unit do you use and how did you learn where to place the pads or needles? Thank you so much.

I am interested in this also. Would like to know more.


My husband is a Chiropractic Physician. The units that are sold for home are not of the quality which is going to cause enough affect. In addition, acupuncture or dry needling could be effective, but you really should see a professional for either. I can attest to the benefit!

What did the acupuncture help w/?

I feel it is an overall effective. Kind of reviving up the immune system.

I called a Chiropractic Clinic close to my home. They described several different kinds of Electro Stimulation. They are a provider under my Insurance. I will be there Monday.


Let me how you make out.

Lynn, I will. I just did my weekly Physical Therapy and my therapist does not think it will make any difference at all. Has anyone in this group actually tried Electrostimulation and felt the difference in a positive way?



It definately worked for me. Helps with muscle mass and strength. have to do it 3-5 times a week. just like PT, being consistant is the key

hey vince! thank you for your response.

did it help with mobility starting to come back?

I was already walking, but it has helped with my range on motion . Also can tell muscles are much stronger in the legs and glutes.