Stanford. Here we come

Taking Mario to Stanford on Monday to see if they have any way to relieve some of the after effects. Anybody ever gotten any positive results from going to a place that is supposed to be great? I'm trying to not be too hopeful of getting any help, but can't help being so anyway. If anyone has any suggestions for questions other than what we already thought up let me know. I suspect your questions are probably the same as mine. I am asking about the electrostimulation and acupuncture.

Good Luck!

For things prior to ADEM, I had good results and no results with acupuncture depending on the practitioner.

Currently I'm under the care of a homeopath, and I'm seeing some results which are encouraging.

I'm also considering trying neurofeedback - but that's just at the consideration stage.

Best of luck!


Hi Sweetie Pie - My son was treated at Stanford as well. Are you going to see Keith Van Haren? That's who we've met with in the past and we really like him. Keith is also a supporter of Bens Friends which is nice. I'll be curious to hear what comes back from your meeting with Stanford. What type of after effects are you looking to address? Please keep us posted on the results of your meeting. Best, Ken

Sweetie Pie - Any updates on your visit to Stanford? I'm curious if you learned anything that might help my son. Who did you meet with at Stanford? Best, Ken