2017 Rare Neuro-Immune Disorders Symposium

Hi gang,

The Myelitis Association symposium is in Columbus Ohio this year. It’s for both laymen and researchers. It’s a great chance to network with the medical community and with others with similar challenges.

If you can come, I encourage you to do so. I’ve gone to the last two, and they’ve been insightful and encouraging. Also, I like to go to be a squeaky wheel for adult-onset ADEM, since “adults don’t get it” according to most research…

Here’s the site for more information: https://myelitis.org/event/2017-rnds/



“Adults don’t get it” hahaha. I’m laughing for and with all of the adult on-sets, you see :). Thanks for squeaking. I won’t be able to handle the crowd.

No problem. Crowds can exhaust me, but I’ll be on a mission to squeak all their wheels!

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