Has anyone noticed changes in smell or taste post-ADEM? My husband noted a fish smell on my apron (he complained for days before finding it) and he can’t believe I can’t smell it at all? I really can’t. Lynn

My husband Pawel has parestezia in both legs just before sleeping.
He also has issues in speech and many people dont understand him during TC.
For this reason he can not find job…

I have not been diagnosed with ADEM but due to a bad reaction to a flu shot more then a year ago, my symptoms are possibly ADEM or MS. YES, smell and taste has changed quite a bit. My wife has noticed this as well. I can be in the other room and I can smell an off smell in the fridge as soon as she opens the door. Drives her nuts. She doesn’t smell it and she is the one looking in the fridge and I am more then 30 feet away in a completely different room. I am more fussy about how things taste then I have ever been before. I tend to salt more, and add more spices. Yet at the same time I can tell when the taste is not the way it use to taste.

Then again, maybe I just complain more! SMILE!

I had a few months where all I could smell and taste was cigarettes - and I don’t smoke! I sent food back one time because that’s all I could taste!

Yes, my neurologist said that’s common to have odd smells and tastes as the brain is trying to reorganize itself and its pathways. Sure wish these brains came with a manual!


I had a deficit in both my sense of taste and smell. It resulted in putting tons of salt on my food and people coming over and telling me that the house smelled like garbage since I couldn’t smell it and didn’t take it out because it smelled.

Over time things improved.

My daughter (32) has had a heightened sense of smell since ADEM a little over a year ago. It has gotten better but still has it.

I acquired ADEM post flu shot 7 years ago. I also have heightned sense of smell. I am better but it also baffles my husband.