Post-ADEM...Has anyone noticed that their allergies have gotten worse or acquired a new allergy?


Hi Lynn, I don’t know your background at all- or how long ago you were ill of how you were treated… My son had ADEM five years ago and had iVig as part of his treatment. We noticed that he had excessive skin immune responses for maybe six months. His mosquito bites were the size of plums and he seemed prone to rashes. Now- back to normal. Dis you have ivig as part of your treatment?

I was diagnosed in April of 2013 and was treated with IV Cortisone for 4 days in the hospital. I'm questioning whether or not I have developed an allergy to my new dog. I've had dogs my whole life and NEVER had any issues. I have a friend who also had ADEM about the same time and she just told me she is now allergic to milk. Since everyone is different and so little is known, I figured I reach out here.

I see your profile now … I’m on my tiny little phone. I don’t know if ADEM makes one more prone to allergies- both being immune dysfunction?

I was wondering because of the immune dysfunction.

Hmm - could you ask your neurologist if there is a correlation?

I actually don't have a neurologist. My husband is a physician and the first doctor who diagnosed me was a radiologist. He had seen only one other case in his long career, but it stood out in his mind. The neurologist has at the hospital, not to be seen after my hospital stay. Unfortunately, so few physicians know anything about it. I'll pass on anything I find out though.

I googled autoimmune disease and allergy and found a few sources that do find a link. Sorry you’re allergic to your dog:( incidentally, in our family now, my son who had adem probably has the least trouble with allergies of all of us! Who knows?

If I do have an allergy to Sam, I will just have to cope. Sam has brought a lot of fun back into our lives. Adem has left me with some residuals that I can't do anything about, about it is NOT going to take my Sam away.

I have some pretty bad indoor allergies myself, Lynn, though I don't have ADEM. Here are some tips to controlling indoor allergens:

I have gradually cut down on carpets and upholstery in my home. Pets can be brushed outdoors on a regular basis, and shamppoed and groomed occasionally -- that can help.

I have developed some allergies and hay fever that I never used to have any problem with. The last 2 summers have been a challenge. No other new allergies.

My daughter had a few times where she had adem (about 3-4 years ago) didn’t think about it again until last March she started having these weird rashes/ allergic reactions. She doesn’t get hives just very blotchy.IMG_20190104_223510793

Good evening, I get rashes and itch like crazy in all different spots on and off. I may take a benadryl and I put on an itch cream (containing benadryl). I have a herb I use also, but I don’t feel comfortable recommending it for a child. It goes away in a few hours generally and may pop back up somewhere else. It generally goes away in a few days and comes back whenever it wants to annoy me. I don’t think you need to worry, but you may want to mention it to her doctor. Lynn

Yes a few days in length have been to her doctor the allergist etc basically cleared from the allergist.

I was diagnosed in 2013 and the rashes have come and gone since then. I guess it is just one of those things we have to put up with. Does she have any other residuals?