Sense of smell and taste

Just wondering if anyone has lost this. After my seizure ect… I Have lost probably about 70% of both smell and taste. I’m still on a low dose of prednisolone and Keppra tablets. I take prednisolone for my asthma so I know it’s not to do with them, but wondered if it might be the Keppra tablets?

I have lost both. My doctors do not know why. I am not on the meds you are. Occasionally, I can smell something but that is rare. Onions cooking-is something my nose cannot detect. Food has a bland taste. I have lost 95% to 100% on both. You’d think my weight would be down but not the case!
Good luck to you. Maybe it will come back.

Thanks KK for the info. Sorry to hear you have lost this too. It’s so strange isn’t it not being able to taste food!! Or smell things! It’s just like constantly having a cold. Food just doesn’t seem interesting anymore, but you’ve got to eat to keep going. Drives me mad (in a funny way) when my husband keeps saying "try this it’s really nice! Or “how’s your food isit nice.” I know he means well though.

I get it! I just say um this is good. When asked if I can taste specific ingredients the answer is always no.

I was wondering, did it slowly go away or did it just go away one day? I feel like I might be losing mine. I do have congestion which is what I have been blaming it on, but even when my congestion seems to clear up I still don’t really seem to have the same smell and taste buds I used to have. I’m just curious.

I don’t have seizures and I’m not taking any of those medications. My original diagnosis was Feb 2013.


Hi Aggie, mine was gone as soon as I came round in hospital. I couldn’t taste my toast and butter. I haven’t had anymore seizures since. But I’m just curious if it’s maybe to do with the keppra medication. I go for my next check up in July. It’s maybe just something I’ll have to live with now. Like KK.

Ok, thanks! I am thinking it is just this sinus thing that I seem to have but I started wondering after I saw this post.

Fortunately, I have not lost those two senses. Has anyone in the group been told their ADEM came on as post-infectious?



They are not sure what triggered mine.


I had a inner ear infection about 2 weeks before the ADEM. Is that what you mean?

I am going to have to double check with my husband about when I lost my senses. I do not remember exactly when it hit me. I’ll let you know when we get it figured out.


I have experienced many of the symptoms I have read about others experiencing. To this day, so far I have not been able to formally be diagnosed with ADEM. Initially it was MS vs. ADEM, but a parasitic infection was the trigger. Or a Strep Infection could also be the trigger. My immune system had it's work cut out. Bottom line, I still have a difficult time walking. Currently the Doctors are going back and forth for treatment for ADEM. Crazy. Looking for answers.


Been taking Keppra for a year but no such side effects. Just some liver enzyme problems on the 12th month according to the monthly blood test. Rest ok.