Personality changes?

Hi everyone,

I used to teach an intro to college class, and in it, we had the students do a mini Myers-Briggs assessment to help them understand themselves and how to work with other people. I, of course, always did it with them (for fun), and I have always been a touchy-feely, people-based, idea-based spontaneous person.

Until ADEM. I took the mini assessment this morning (see attached), and I've almost completely switched! Now I prefer logic, facts, schedules, etc.

Has anyone else noticed changes like this post-ADEM?


10-MBShortForm.pdf (39.8 KB)

Many I now take many chances that before I would not have.

Interesting, and I"m the opposite! I used to be quite adventurous, a risk-taker; now I'm very timid when it comes to trying things or to change.

LauraK - This is fascinating. Many people talk about how they are "different" post ADEM, but a Myers-Briggs is a great way to really compare differences. Would be interested if others have tried comparing Myers-Briggs assessments. Ken