Altered awareness - any one else experienced this?

Hi When i had ADEM I had altered awareness, its really odd expereince. I was explaining it to my mother.

Its like what you think is happening at nighttime and what is actually happening are two different things.

i was having these awful night time anxiety attacks and hypervigilence but I wasn't aware of what was happening to tell the neurologist. He didn't ask me are you sleeping ok? So he thought I was sleeping ok. This highlights its really important for neurologists to be thorough with their examination and ask the right questions and not just rely on the patient to disclose all the important information without prompting. its only looking back I know of these night time symptoms.

This is one of the things I was curious about. My husband has been dealing w/ ADEM for a year now. One of the things bothering him is a constant spacey feeling during the day. He comments that things sometimes don't seem real, like he is watching a movie, or a cartoon. During the night he feels he is not sleeping well, and he commented the other day he doesn't think he has had dreams for awhile now. The neurologist placed him on Zoloft, and recently another one to go w/ it, but we are gradually removing it. He is taking so many meds already, and I don't see that they have improved anything. What did your neurologist do about your sleeping?

I had weird dreams if that's what you mean.


Greta is extremely fearful. We have to be very cautious about what we present to her and how we do it, so as not to cause her distress or panic. She always wants to tell us about the weird dreams she had the night before. But that happens to a lot of folks. Could you give a few more examples or better clarification of what you mean by altered awareness?

Hi, I had an ear virus and it wasn't taken care of quickly. When I was sleeping things were happening such as my anxiety attacks and even chattering of teeth or shaking of the head, it may have been seizure activity. I wasn't aware of what was happening to me at the time. Its only on looking back I remember the things happening. It's really sad, if I was being monitored in a hospital they would have known. I was hypervigilent and I became sensitive to noise. A housemate was in the room below me, she would stay up late but not make any noise. I became so sensitive to any noise that I could only sleep when I heard the sound of the light switch being turned off in the wall. Then I had a big sigh of relief and could sleep. I moved out of that house and to my parents home to recover, then I slept well.