Help is needed in Canada

@trust_level_0 NicoleSS needs help finding care for her mother who is in a severe condition. If you know of anyone in Canada who might help, please respond to her.
Thanks, Lynn

Hi Lynn,

In your time of being the Community Host has anyone made any kind of recommendations in Canada, particularly Ontario?

My mom recently came down with this horrible disease, post COVID (March 28). Her current injury is extreme (we are lucky she didn’t die, although I’m scared she is hoping for that) and we feel the barriers with COVID are really putting limitations on her healing. For examples minimal visits due to hospital policy, medical staff saving PPE and not rotating her enough (she now has a bed sore), not being able to hire a PSA at the hospital to help her communicate (she is currently none verbal but seems fully there and only has movement in her right hand) and move her. I’m hoping and in need of finding the right rehabilitation facility for her.


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Thank you for coming here to reach out to NicoleSS. Nicole lives in Toronto, but it sounds like she’s prepared to look further afield.

To read Nicoles whole story, have a look at her profile: you can click on the tag > @NicoleSS , or on her avatar, wherever you see it. Clicking on @NicoleSS will also make a “Message” button appear. Clicking on that will start a private message to her.

We wish Nicole all the best.

Seenie from ModSupport.

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Can anyone living in Canada, share their information and recommend the physician they see or have seen?

I found this on the internet and there are phone numbers. I don’t know if this would be of any help or not. If I find anything else, I’ll send it. Good luck.

Sorry for so late haven’t been too the group in a long while I felt with Greg belvins k clinic in Edmonton Alberta he had lots of clients come through with Adem at his ms clinic

Welcome back Dave,

Do you know whether or not he treated them with a MS protocol?


I am not sure of the protocol but he have felt with a lot of adem all the other doctors didn’t know what was going on he knew right away and started treatment dr Greg belvins k clinic Edmonton

Hello all,

Anyone in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area with ADEM try St. Michaels Hospital. I happily have not caused enough trauma to scar all the residents… unless they asked me to count or squeeze their fingers.

Now back o the Batcave for more experiments!