Does repeated MRI do not harm to ADEM patient?

I am concerning why doctor repeatedly is trying to take MRI picture to compare it with previous MRI picture. when my nephew came into PICU, first and second neurologist said that MRI will be taken after 3 months since MRI picture will not be showing any improvement for white matter but most children will get better though MRI picture show white matter but 3rd neurologist came to my nephew in stead of 1st/2nd neurologist , he took MRI picture immediately to compare it with previous one and said that he will take additional MRI picture once plasma exchange will be done in this Saturday.

what I am worrying about my nephew is that taking MRI picture with contrast dyeing cell might harm to my nephew with side effect in short period. Does anyone know about whether it is natural to take MRI picture in short period?

and also want to know long sleeping more than 14days might not be good for healing of brains with medication. since my nephew is still sleeping(induced medically coma) since 2nd MRI picture with intubation with Midazolam medication.

Though we trust what doctor orders but there are three doctors and 3rd doctor seems like ordering in different way than other two doctors. PICU doctor is just following as what neurologist ordered.

If anyone have similar experience, kindly explain to me. Thank you

Hello Yoongil,

I am very sorry to hear about your nephew. With my experience, my son was diagnosed in March of this year, we were fortunate that he did not need to be induced into a coma. Our doctors only recommended a follow-up MRI 3 months after initial diagnosis. They said they would not be able to tell if his lesions have receded before then. In June he had his follow-up MRI and it showed most of the lesions were receding which gave us great piece of mind. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Unlike CT, MRI does not cause any harm. I am in and out of the “tunnel” as I call it as often as deemded necessary, usually every three months at the begining, every 6 months now as the risk of developing PML is still High, but dont worry. Consider yourself lucky you have the opportunity to have it done as often as required. I wish your nephew a speedy recovery.

Hi Matt's Mom and papageo,

Thanks for your warm advice. Today doctor tried to wake up brian to see how he have been improved . after stopping midazolam about 30 mins, brain looks like responding against mom,dad and doctor's speaking to him since he is crying and slightly open his eyes. and i also tried to call him over the phone, and brain keep crying aftrer hearing my voice over the phone. there was accident while respiratory extube in 7days ago and now it seems that brain might be possible to breathe by himself and we might can see how much brain have been improved after taking 4th time MRI. Nerololigist seems that if there are no improvement at all in MRI with Streoid 5days, Plasma excahnge 10days, he might suspect brian caase as MS not ADEM . we are really scary if doctor assume might be true(I pray it is not MS and brain will be definitely okay) . I am praying all the time whenever i think of him in here.