I need answer for injury at inside of brain

My lovely nephew Brian in PICU for 19days with indcued medically coma status due to ADEM

When Brian came to ER,Doctor found mycoplasma pneumonia inside of Brian Nose.

Therefore Doctor gave anti-biotic injecions and checked MRI and doctor said that there are a lot of inflamations at inside of brain and it is scary looking. but doctor said that it is good thing that he is not showing as much as injury as look like here at MRI picture. and he started to give Steroid for five days however two days later, there was accident that Brian bit tube when Respiratory Test Tube something while midazolam (Sleeping Medicene)stopped. in this moment, Brian could not breathe properly and it took about 30mins in order to extue and intube again. during this process, Brain got Trauma inside of throat and did suction a lot of blood from Stomach & Lung. I am very scared whether brain got damage due to short oxygen supply during 30 mins.

Two days later after above accident, Doctor ordered plasma exchanage for 10day.

one week ago, Doctor took MRI and said that there are no improvement and he said that they want to check spine one more time whether Tumor might be exist. and today we took one more MRI and doctor suddenly said that there is injury at inside of brain

I am not sure why sudden injury found in brain . I suspected it might has been caused due to accident but it is very difficult why injury suddenly showin in MRI

Does anyone who had similar case? Does anyone who can give any comments whether Kids can be recovered and back to normal though injury found in MRI? Does anyone who knows why Brian hands and foot have been too rigid though it was not .

any answer and comments will be really appricated. Thanks

was he diagnosed with ADEM? with ADEM the MRI shows lesions in the brain and therefore the brain gets swallen. Is that what the dr meant?..... My had ADEM back in june and yes he has recovered 100% If you have any question please just ask. I can imagine how many doubts and questions you might have. I really hope he can recover soon.

I am so sorry you are going through this, I know what a stressful time it is. Is it possible that the doctor was just using the phrase “brain injury” in a general way? My son had ADEM when he was four and I know from that time that it is a type of acquired brain injury. The inflammation visible on MRI from the ADEM is considered to be injury. I hope he begins to recover and I wish you strength.

Hi Lien & Cedarmama,

Really appreciated for your reply. I drove to Atlanta to see my lovely nephew on Christmas.

when I met Brian on 12/25 , He is getting better than when I saw him on 12/14.

He can open his eyes but it is not possible for eye contact. he is just opening his eyes and it seems that he might hear what we are talking to him. I am not sure but if we ask him to blink his eye, then he blinked his eye.

what doctor said that there is brain injury is that inflammation can make scar or injury.

In initial MRI, injured area were not dyed clearly since Brian moved in MRI and just took MRI picture w/o contrast

in three times MRI, doctor found that injured area were dyed clearly so Doctor is saying that my nephew have brain injury

I am worrying so much about whether Brian can back to normal though inflammation caused some injury inside of brain.

If any person who had a sever case of ADEM with injured area caused by inflammation, please share your valuable advice what your son or daughter are getting better and how long it takes to be recovered and whether there is any residue side effect after ADEM.

Thank you

Hi again- glad to hear that there is some improvement in your nephew. When my son has his contrast MRI he had many many areas of inflammation through his entire brain and spinal cord. He had some grey matter involvement and some brain stem as well. He was unable to move, speak, swallow and was unaware of us for some time. His neuro team was not hopeful. Once he began to recover it was rapid and complete. A miracle for us. I hope for the same for your nephew…

Hi Cedarmama,

Really appreciated for your warm advice.

It was really great and happy news that your son was back to normal with love of God.

BTW, how long it takes for your son get better and quickly was back to normal?

My nephew have been in PICU for 24days and he has a little improvement to open his eyes but there are no significant improvement like speaking, moving and awareness yet. He did steroid for 5dyas, plasma exchange for 10dyas and now he is getting IVIG for 4 times today and tomorrow is last day for IVIG.

Thank you

My son was in hospital for one month and rehab hospital for two weeks. He was well enough the to be be at home and start school. That said, he has a twin brother and even now five years later he is about six months behind his twin. Doing well but it’s like his brain was on pause for awhile. He had a similar course of treatment with ivig last and I think that was what really started his recovery. The steroids and plasma exchange had little effect.

It seems that your son and my nephew have a similar case. I really wish my nephew will be back to normal as your son. Thanks for your warm advice. it is really good and warm advice to us. Thanks