My nephew is getting better since he was sick on Dec 2014. He had a one month in a induced coma and he had several times steroid, plasma exchange and IVIG. After then he was slowly getting better and now he can walk with help of walker and is on the way back to his normal life. Recently his MRI show that no inflation exist but scar will be existed. However last Thursday he got seizure suddenly about 5 min. Is this meaning that he has still any inflammation into the brain or mostly happen while he is getting better? Does anyone who has similar case? My nephew is not 100 pecent back to normal but he can walk ,speak ,think even if it is not perfect.

Hi there, I would recommend your nephew see his neurologist and soon. A seizure is not a good sign although I have zero medical knowledge! I do know though that it is quite possible for ADEM to re-occur after MRI does show clear. My husband's ADEM re-occurred about 3,5 to 4 months after a clean MRI. He says however that after the first episode he now recognises the symptoms when it is coming back. I suppose it depends on how much damage occurred the first time and it sounds like your nephew had a severe first episode with the induced coma happening. You don't mention his age. It might be that he is too young to recognise the symptoms or perhaps the area in the brain damaged by the first onset, will effect his ability to recognise the symptoms. Or the ADEM could be going in to MS which is also a possibility. Would like to know if other ADEM sufferers have experienced non-critical seizures because of a re-occurrence of ADEM, or purely as an after-effect of the damage done, or perhaps even as the brain tries to find new pathways to function better? Hope you get more replies and best wishes for your nephew, hope he gets a resolution for the seizure and that his recovery continues! Kind Regards Belinda


Thank you for your advice. I am afraid that it will be re occurrence of ADEM but I believe that it will be not.

My Nephew is 12years old when he got sick on last year Dec 06.

we called doctor and doctor said that he need to watch out him in more weeks.

After 6 months rehap, when he was graduated from rehap in hospital, he was ordered to get medication for seizure till by this year. After seizure again in 5 minute, we have not found another symptom but we are still scared for it

Thank you