Treatments for long term symptoms?

Hello everyone,

@Tine is one of our newest members. After being diagnosed with encephalitis and myelitis after a viral infection, they are currently taking Prednisolone, Valganciclovir, and IVIG. However, they mention they are still looking for treatments for long term symptoms… We would greatly appreciate it if anyone can share any personal stories/suggestions for @Tine!

We are all rooting for you @Tine, please keep us posted!


Hi @Tine,
I was diagnosed with AFM and Adult ADEM after a viral infection also in March of 2020, had steroids, IVG and and finally Plasma Exchange (that did the trick) it was scary, confusing, no one could really give me any answers going forward. I am still healing (it’s going to take some time) but i’m back driving, at work, (but remember it’s almost been 2 years since my illness) and so so grateful to be able to be here and be with my family!
Hang in there and heal at your own speed!