TNF Inhibitors Enbrel

I got a very bad ADEM from the medication Enbrel. It has changed my life in a very tough way. I am 51 years old with a BS, and MS degree in Economics. My ADEM was so severe that most of my long term memories are gone.My ADEM started in January of 2012 and now even the most simple tasks are very difficult. I get lost a lot. I get confused all the time.My ADEM was caused by the arthritius medication, Enbrel. Am I the only one or has anybody else on this site had an Adem or know anybody who had an Adem from the drug Enbrel? I would be very greatfull for any feedback.



great question. Let's see if someone has a good answer.

Hi bchap - I'm very sorry to hear about the lingering effects of ADEM. What a nasty disease. I have heard of people getting ADEM as a result of vaccinations but this is the first I have heard of medications (in particular Enbrel) causing ADEM. I hope others on this site can answer your question. Keep fighting to get your old self back. Best, Ken

Thanks Ken !!!! I think it is rare for an arthritius medication to do so much damage to ones brain. If you hear of any other people who got an ADEM from Enbrel,please steer them my way.

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Enbrel is a very caustic medication.

Great links about Enbrels adverse effects and ADEM patients: -study in Generic name Gonadotropin not Enbrel.