Side Effects of Prednisolone

Matt is now on his seventh week of tapering off prednisolone. He is on 5mg per day now only in the morning. Starting Wednesday he will be taking 5mg every alternate day for a week and then that's it for the prednisolone.

How long it took most people to get rid of the side effects? Matt is constantly hungry and thirsty, he has put on 3kg in the last 4 weeks. His cheeks are huge, he sweats like crazy. Right now he has the attention span of a goldfish. My main concern is his sleeping. He will not nap during the day anymore and when he goes to sleep at night he only has about 5 good hours of sleep and then he wakes crying hysterically. I'm hoping that all this will stop once the steroids clear his system.

I didn’t sleep very well at all. Couldn’t get to sleep but also woke up very early. As the steroids go down it does get easier and then when he goes
Down to 1mg which he will, I came off
Mine a couple of
Months ago and I do sleep better than I did. Hang in there, now he’s Down to 5 it will get easier.

I put on the steriod
Weight but as it went down and I had to join a gym for physio and my
Shakes I’m back down to my
Normal weight.

Hair loss, quite a bit fell out but did grow back around six months later, acne on neck, chest, back and scalp.

I had steriod induced acne too and thankfully that’s gone down a hell of a lot since finishing the meds.

Hele said:

Hair loss, quite a bit fell out but did grow back around six months later, acne on neck, chest, back and scalp.

I have been taking Prednisone for just 4 days to knock down some inflammation in my arm from helping my husband get in and out of the car, as he broke his hand about 7 weeks ago due to falling. Thank God it is just 4 days. Yesterday ,I was teary all day and today I was nauseated if I didn't eat frequenty. I don't know how my husband did it at the doses and length of time that he did w/out much side effects at all. All of you are incredibly strong people.

Good eveniing, Madam.

In my repeated experience with Prednisolone (i've had ADEM two times) the side effects of the therapy last a few days after the end of tapering, with some residual effects fading in less than two or three weeks. Sweath and insomnia are the quickest to disappear, Face swelling lasts somehow longer, immunosuppression takes about four or five weeks to be recovered.

My best wishes, I am sorry for your son.