Asking for info

Does someone has any idea how long these costicosteroids last or anything like that

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Hi Arbri,
Personally, I don’t know. per my Dr. I know he didn’t want me on them for very long.
Maybe 15 days.


Thanks sonie bcus i got huge problems on controling myself , i get super nervous for everylittlething , and im told its bcus of the corticosteroids , but fuck it now , not the time for complains after everything i’ve gone thru , have to be patience , positive and things will get better , its just a matter of time and btw hope u doing good tho


When I was in the hospital, I had 2500 mg of cortisone in 4 days. I couldn’t sleep for the next 3 months. Yes, it requires last of patience to get through it all.


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Man i dont know shit i was in istanbul for recovery and there nobody spoke english so i have no idea at all what they gave me or why or anything but just keep hoping it will end faster

I had 1000mg for a week or two and I got super hyper and couldn’t sleep much either.

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