Seizure med? Please help

Hi, please give me advice and/or opinions on seizure meds? My son is 3, almost 4. He was diagnosed w/ ADEM in Aug. 2014 and didn't start having seizures till 3 months post diagnosis. He's improved greatly since he was released from the hospital (he was inpatient for a month and half). However, he still cannot see or talk.

He has been on Keppra, didn't work. He currently is weaning off Trileptal. He's on 6 ml of Topomax. We recently went to see another doctor out of state for a second opinion since my son's case is so rare and severe. The Ped. Neurologist recommended my son switch to Zonegran rather topomax b/c Topomax affects the speech process, which definitely is affecting him. His local Neurologist states Zonegran has the same capability of Topomax and therefore doesn't want to switch him. We as parents are confused and have researched both. We want to know how other kids in my son's similar situation have responded to whatever seizure med. they are on, specifically regarding speech or trying to start to speak.

Thx so much in advance for your advice/opinions w/ this matter!

We used Keppra and it was great. My son is currently weaned off Keppra and we are so happy. Most anti seizure meds can cause drowsiness which makes it hard to do anything. We experienced this with Keppra and see a huge improvement in my son's level of alertness. He was on Keppra for two years so it may take your son some time to adjust to the meds.