Rhigm22 from acorda

Wondering if anyone is following the trials of the antibody rhigm22 from acorda labs which is promising for remyelination and whether persons having had ADEM would benefit from this kind of remyelination?

This one alongside Anti lingo 1 is one of the new promising but under development medicines.

So far attention in MS has been focused on efforts to prevent relapses, now it is about time to start with remyelination.

Too early to predict as it is still on phase I but lets keep our hopes alive!

I'm still waiting to hear more on just isolating what type of ADEM it is. That's the most recent news I had heard. Because once you know which variant of ADEM you have, one is nasty, then you know how to move forward in treatment.

Where can I read more about the different types of ADEM? I didn't know they clarified types?


This is still new - coming from research out of UK according to the specialists at Dallas Children’s Medical Center.
Evidently ADEM is its own animal after all, with variants - not just a fluke of MS or any of the others.

Thank you...I have just learned my type of ADEM is TM.