Purple foot during attack and one else had similar?

Hi When I was unwell and began steroids I experienced straight away swelling of both feet. My right foot returned to normal in around two weeks but my left foot remained purple and had two numb toes and small numb patch underneath.

The numbness went in a few weeks after that but I have been left with a left foot that has acrysyanosis which is a relative of Raynolds disease. Its purple when the foot is on the floor and feels cooler, but as soon as I elevate the foot it returns to normal colour.

Wondered if anyone else got similar during their attack?

Good morning, Hele!

I had a similar experience with my initial symptoms and it has persisted. My right hand and arm are significantly cooler to the touch as is my right toes. My right hand turns purple frequently. I have Reynaud's in both hands but it is more severe in the right. I find myself sitting on my fingers in an attempt to warm them up fairly regularly. I have a collection of wool/cashmere lined leather gloves and merino wool socks which stave off much of the winter issues.

The summer problems, which are weirdly just as severe in the 90+ temps in Sacramento CA, cannot be solved with gloves and socks. I find that breezes and air conditioning triggers the symptoms and I wind up looking like a mummy even in the heat. There is a picture of me at a family reunion on the beach in Ventura, wrapped up in tons of blankets and hoodies next to my nieces in their bikinis sunbathing. Not fun!