Post ADEM Injections

Considering I am post-ADEM and an older patient, my husband and I have been discussing the Shingles Immunization and the Pneumonia injection. When I was diagnosed in 2013, we were told the Flu Shot was probably not a good idea. Has anyone else delved into the idea of Shingles and/or Pneumonia? Thanks, Lynn

I have not.

I got shingles 5 years before I got ADEM; I was 32.

I don’t do the flu shot.

Thanks for responding. How are you doing? How long did the shingles last?

The “flare up” lasted about one week and then it started to calm down and went waway. It isn’t shown up again. Since shingles starts in the nerves I’m guessing I’m not alone in wondering if it is a predictor of ADEM.