Please talk to me about recovery from a coma


I have a dear family member in their thirties who is presently in a coma with a diagnosis of ADEM. Obviously we are frightened and confused. It would mean so much to hear from people who have been in a similar position in the past.

Thank you all for having me in the group and taking the time to read and respond to this post.

i went through the worst of the worst. i was in a medically-induced coma for 1.5 months and they told my wife on two occasions that i wasn't going to make it. but here i am two years later! i'd say i'm probably 98% back to "normal". some people are able to make a remarkable turnaround, and some aren't. just stay strong and encouraging. it will be ok :)

Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I'm glad you have got your life back. I didn't know it was possible to recover so well after a coma. That's very encouraging. Has it been a hard slog to get to this point?

the first 6-9 months were the most challenging – both physically and emotionally. but the encouragement of my family and friends helped me stay strong and get through it.