Let's Welcome Clairec from Connecticut!

Hi @clairec,

Welcome to the Living with ADEM community! We’re happy to have you join. My name is Elana and I’m the Ben’s Friends intern for this community. I really admire your persistence and positivity. I think it is amazing how you were able to work through the difficulties of ADEM and now be at a point where you can live an active life with minimal symptoms. I’m sure other members of the community will really appreciate hearing from you. If you feel ready, you can start your own discussion posts using the “+” button. This can be a great way for you to share your experiences with other members of the community, which seems like something you might be interested in doing. I noticed that you mentioned in your profile that you wanted to share reiki with the community. That can be done by creating a discussion post and then choosing the “complementary therapies” category for it. Hopefully, that helps you get a start on the site. Please feel free to reach out to either me or one of the community moderators if you think of any questions.

Wishing you all the best,