Hello to all. I am trying to write this for the 3rd time now. I keep getting kicked off or do something wrong…
A couple of months ago, I went to me neurologist because me husband thought my memory was getting pretty bad. My Dr. Put me on a RX that is used with Alzheimer’s
Patients. After about 6 weeks of being on it, I started to have very bad leg tremors. It was over the holidays so it took awhile before 8 could get in. Long story short, my Dr thought it was the medication. I didn’t think it was helping anyway so he took me off. I was told it would take 2 weeks to get it out of my system. And, it did, but I am doing better now.
After I had been on the RX, I was put on an antibiotic for an infection and I thought at first that the antibiotic was causing a bad reaction. My antibiotic was changed but the symptoms did not go away. I was scarry when it happened because I thought I was having another ADEM attack.
I am doing better now, thank God. I do not need any more problems!
I just wanted to share my experience

Sorry about the difficulties posting, Karla. Sometimes if the server is busy, it can be really difficult to get a post up. I am very glad that you’re no longer on the prescription that was giving you these problems. And especially glad that it was not trouble with Adem! All the best to you.

A big part of it was me. Sorry for all of the typo’s. We are on a road trip and I didn’t look over it before posting!
Yes, I was relieved that it was not ADEM!

Hi Karla,

I'm guessing the memory issues have to do with the ADEM as that is one of the big challenges I face daily. I've lost pretty much all memories from a year prior to the attack, and have a very hard time making new memories now.

I talked to my neurologist about using Lumosity, that website that has games to help with brain tasks, and she suggested I find free games on the web to continue to stretch my processes. I play games to help with memory, logic, etc. I think it's helped me. No promises, but it's worth a try, more fun than nothing and no side effects from drugs!

Good luck,


Well I did have a second massive attack a few months after the very first and relatively mild one. Very old memories were not affected, more recent ones a little bit but lots of memory gaps from now on…Had some epileptic seizures treated with Keppra for a year and now Im slowly coming off it. Dont know what to say, every day s a new one with whatever it may bring: Headaches, back pain, joint pain, fatigue…joy. I make the best out of it waiting for a new day to come! If you have another “adem” as you named it (new relapse) have it checked carefully to exclude other causes…

I glad you are doing better. Take care