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@trust_level_0 Good evening everyone,
Ben’s Friends have joined up with Backpack Health which is a means of storing all your medical information, so that it will be on hand for you to share at a doctor appt, just for example. They are completely HIPAA Compliant. You add your info and YOU have complete control of it. You can even set it up for family members. Simply go to and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, please direct them to me. Lynn

We’re excited about Backpack because it gives all of us tool that will let us keep our own medical information securely at hand, where we can control who can see it. What we used to keep in file folders and binders can now be, as Lynn says, at our fingertips.

Going to a new doctor? You’ve got everything they’ll want to see. End up in ER? They get to see the basics that you’ve decided to share with them. That’s a simplified version: the app is so powerful, there’s a lot more that can be done with it. Going to the Backpack website will give you a better idea of the possibilities.

Your personal Backpack (if you join through this community) will also contain information about ADEM which medical personnel unfamiliar with the syndrome will find informative and useful. Down the road, you’ll also have access to other ADEM community resources.

This is an exciting opportunity which gives you the benefit of cutting-edge technology to make your life as an ADEM patient easier and safer. To really appreciate what it can do, go to and start an account. Even if all you enter are your diagnoses and the contact information for your doctors, you’ll have a useful record that you can keep on hand in your phone. That alone could come in really handy some day. And then from there, you can build your electronic medical file.

We’re excited about offering this opportunity to our members!

TJ, Seenie and the ModSupport Team

Questions? Just email us: