Did someone of your kids or you experience hyperreflexia while using PREDINISALONE and after ADEM?

I am not sure exactly what that is, but after looking it up maybe this will help. I was an adult when I was diagnosed with ADEM. I was very sensitive to touch on my feet. I would and still do have a jerking back reaction when something touches my feet. It has gotten better over time. I am not on Prednisone anymore though. I didn’t have that before. I also had twitching in my legs. I am currently taking Lyrica which has stopped that. If I don’t take it then it comes back.

I’m not sure if that is what you are talking about, but thought I would share.

Aggie97 thank you for answering, today we went to the doctor here in mexico (our ADEM doctor is in Phoenix) and he told us that our son is still having hyperreflexia, when he do the test in the legs for reflexia he showed hyperrreflexia, i was at the study the whole time and i didnt notice that much, he is kind of a PANIC DOCTOR thats why we went to Phoenix, doctors here in Mexico saddly dont know anything about ADEM, actually the doctor here have never ever heard about it, we are having a following MRI next july 6 in Phoenix, i hope everything is ok, i see my son and he is back to normal (he couldnt walk, all his left side was not responding) i also ask abou headaches after ADEM, he seems to have a lot POST ADEM headaches.

I haven’t had any issues with headaches so I can’t help you there. I myself, was and still am weaker on my left side. I use a walker to walk. I am in Texas and many of the doctors here don’t know what ADEM is either so your not alone.

I wish you and your son the best!

The hyper-reflexive response is due to the myelin sheath being removed from the nerves while the lesions where present. It was explained to us that it is like stripping wires. That myelin is not easily regrown. When my husbands reflexes are checked his leg kicks out pretty dramatically. Normally, when your knee is tapped, your leg will just jump a bit.

Sweetie Pie thanks a lot for your answer, i think this group is so great, we understand each other, my Son is the one afected directly with ADEM but i think the entire family is, he is only 7 so he dosnt understand very well everything, have a great day everyone!