Has anyone tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to help heal from ADEM?

There is a clinic which employs the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy near us. My 14 y.o. son still has some lingering cognitive deficits from ADEM 2 years ago - an extremely severe case. I am considering trying this. Does anyone have any stories or info on this? thank you!

What does your son's doctor think of the therapy? Please seek the doctor's approval before trying it. There are some contraindications for the therapy, such as seizures: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1464149-overview#a5

Also, ask if an M.D. is on staff at the clinic.

Inidentally, I am a John's mom as well. My John is 15.

Hi dancermom, My John is 14, 15 in October of this year. Did your John have ADEM? When you say contraindications, it looks as if (if I'm reading the chart you linked to correctly) that it could be contraindicated if someone has a problem with seizures, but not necessarily with a past history of ADEM? So, he doesn't technically have seizure problems though it is possible he had a seizure or two when he was first admitted to ER. They were never sure but thought it possible.

Those are good ideas to check with his rehab doc and also to see if they have an MD on staff.

Thank you for your response!

My John had a facial avm, not ADM, but I volunteer on a number of communities for Ben's Friends. I have read quite a bit about hyperbaric therapy for brain injury or damage, but I don't know anyone on the networks yet who has tried it for that purpose. Another thing to ask the doctor about might be megadoses of omega3s. I have read studies about omega3s minimizing brain damage after strokes.