Genetic Disposition in ADEM

On most ADEM pages it says ADEM is in people with a genetic disposition (in conjunction with pathogen). Some people don’t believe in this, however in my case this is very true. Dad, granddad, my sister & my aunt. All the brain, spine & CNS, just different things. I believe this is in your Human Leukocyte Antigens, Major Histocompatibility & Alleles (inbuilt immune). Just wanting any thoughts on this. Any others the same? Natalie.

Most studies I have seen there has not been any genetic connection. In my 6yr old son’s case, he was super healthy but got the Flu, then strep, then strep again as soon as the antibiotics wore off, and then a third time! This sent his immune system into a fit. Now obviously he could have had a genetic predisposition, but I I have not seen anything showing what that is. There is no history of anything like this going back quite a ways on either side of the family.

Thanks. I know on Myelitis Org site it says this & my neuro-immunologist also told me the same thing. I believe it relates to your inbuilt immune (human leukocyte antigens & alleles, the gene variants) & then match it up to the right infection/vaccine & that’s where it all starts. Best wishes.