Foot giving out

Good morning everyone!

My 7 year old son was diagnosed with ADEM in Oct 2013. He is doing very well, although has a few residual symptoms I wanted your thoughts around. Does anyone else experience foot drop? When you foot almost rolls over and you fall without anything tripping you? He has that fairly frequently post ADEM. Not hugely impeding, but important for us to be aware of when he is running around or coming down stairs.

Also wondering about continuous feeling of pressure in the back of your head. He has had head pain now for 4 weeks, which came about with behavioral challenges one weekend. We had and MRI of his brain and no new lesions are there, however the pressure hasn't abated. Anyone else have something like that?

Thanks for your help, I find this community to be an incredibly great resource!

Mom of survivor

Are you able to see a physical therapist? Talk to them about the foot drop. The head pressure does sound strange. Inflammation maybe? Maybe look into anti-inflammatory diets. Maybe read Sarah Ballantyne’s book The Paleo Approach–Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body. We’re moving our family toward that.

Have you ever tried Chiropractic? His head pain may benefit from cervical treatment. As far as the foot drop, my problems are in my hands.


I second chiropractor although not for manipulations but for kinesiology. My girl had 4 or 5 treatments 6 months post ADEM and she found it really helpful. She didn’t have the symptoms you describe but it definitely gave her a lift energy wise and sorted lower back pain. Quite an amazing response to treatment anyway. All the best