Can ADEM be treated with ''Stem Cell Treatment''

Can ADEM be treated with ‘‘Stem Cell Treatment’’


I haven’t heard of any Stem Cell treatment for ADEM, however, we can ask others on the board if anyone else has. If you do discover some thing about the Stem Cell, please share it with us.


I have been wondering the same thing. I thought there was a tiny bit of hope, I will see if I can find the article again and share it with you.

Hello everyone
Moderator Lynn and I are interested in this question as well. Stem cells … they are used in a lot of other new treatments. Has anyone heard of Stem Cell treatment for ADEM?

Our intern @bfinternarjuna is no doubt interested too.

Do you know anything about stem cell treatment for ADEM? If so, please post!

Seenie from ModSupport (and ModLynn)

Hi all, I did ask this question, when my daughter got adem, when I was 21 weeks pregnant and they said no I was hoping my last baby boy was going to help his big sister, but they said no unless it’s something new as that was in 2013
6 years ago.

Other then to replace dead cells or add new ones to the existing, i do not believe it would help. While i do hear stem cells have helped people with MS, i am trying to grasp the concept of “how many people to screw in a lightbulb” in this case. A brain cell is a tricky bugger as it stores information. Would the stem cell make itself a perfect copy of the book or just one filled with blank pages?

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Hello, I had recently seen an article where a man was in an accident and 8 of his vertebrae were crushed causing him to be paralyzed. They used stem cell to regenerate what was lost and he is able to walk again. I found a clinic here in Indiana where I live and when doing research on them they specialize in a huge list of stuff that they use stem cell regeneration for and auto-immune diseases was a big one on their list. I have since called the Guyer Institute and am waiting to hear back to see if my daughter would be a good candidate for such a thing. The man that received the treatment did so at the Mayo Clinic and supposedly he was the first one that it worked on. I’m crossing my fingers that they will accept my daughter. I will give updates once I have talked to them! Cristal F

Wow, Cristal, we’re crossing our fingers for you too!