Biotin info

Someone posted information about Biotin. Could that person please inbox/ msg me? Thank you, Jenny

You will find that information on LauraK’s page. Biotin has been used in trails on MS patients. It is highly experimental and there were suggestions that it may help ADEM patients as well.

The article supports the premise that biotin helps with building myelin. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. What dosage does your child take?

He takes 10,000 mcg. This is a Solgar brand on Amazon. Sprouts also has it. The neurologist recommended we give him the highest dose available. He is 31 years old and weights 180 lbs. From what I have read dosage of medication is based on age and weight so everyone cannot be on the same dosage. He had gained considerable weight caused by the depression medication he was on. He is now on another anti-depressant and is slowly losing weight.

Thx for the info Sarah. Do you feel the Biotin helped him?

Hi Sarah, I inboxed you a msg.

Not sure but we are seeing slight improvements and physically he looks very well.