This past week we have been having our swimming pool fixed and redone. There have been workers coming and going all week. My husband has always been the type who will be right there in the mix, watching and asking questions, or trying to help. He showed very little interest in the process w/ the pool and he actually seemed to backslide in his health. I swear his hearing has gotten worse over the last two weeks and he is having trouble formulating words. He is more fatigued than he usually is. I had a discussion w/ him about how he is feeling and he stated that his mind seems jumbled w/ too many things, like he can't keep everything straight. He has asked me the same questions several times about this or that. I feel like the stress of having things going on has affected him. Does this happen to others? How long does it take to get back? I tried to handle most of the stuff myself and would just consult w/ him about decisions, but he still seemed out of sorts. I'm hoping that now that the pool is done he can relax, but I'm so worried about him. He has an appointment w/ the neurologist again soon, but I feel like the doctor has lost interest once he gave a diagnosis. Now this is happening and I have doubts about getting any comfort there. Have any of you experienced setbacks from stress, or when your environment is changed?

It does happen to me when I get overstimulated or overwhelmed. It does seem my hearing goes in and out, sort of like my brain says, "NO MORE!" I don't think I'm backsliding, just too much going on or went on the day before.

Give him some quiet time or whatever he likes to do to relax/veg, and give it a day or two. Sometimes it takes me two or three days to recover.


It happens to me with too much going on. I agree that he should be feeling better in a few days. My husband has to remove me from situations where I could make a bad decision when I am stressed or tired. I believe your husband will get back to where he was before this took place.


Thanks. He seems to be a bit better. It was late and it had been a hectic day when I wrote in. It is hard to see this happening to him, and at night after he goes to bed is when I start to panic a bit. It seems there is always something new. Logic told me he was on overdrive, but there always feels like there is this thin line he can tip over and do a downward spiral. We had a good talk the next day, and he even contributed to ideas about other things we have to do for the house. We now know we have to pace the activity and give him a retreat when he needs it. Sylvia

One thing to keep in mind, if he's anything like me, he really wants to be "normal." And so we do push ourselves, kidding ourselves into thinking, "Look! I'm doing it!" And then, we pay for it later. It's frustrating for the person as well as those who love us.

Patience. At least that's what my counselor says. I'm working on that.