Anyone seeing Pop-ups?

We have had a couple of reports of pop-up ads on this community. I'm not seeing them myself. They are not part of Ben's Friends and may be related to malware. If you are seeing such ads, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Not seen any.

Yes. Just logged in and saw one. Edited screenshot attached with personal details removed.

This is on Chrome on OSX.

9-Screenshot2015062809.30.45.png (584 KB)

Oh my, ick. Thanks for letting me know. I'll see about getting rid of these.


The one Occipital sent you is very similar to the ones I've been seeing. I'm in process of scanning my computer for spyware now so I'll let you know what I find.


Madere (dancermom) said:

Oh my, ick. Thanks for letting me know. I'll see about getting rid of these.

Yes every time I visit.

They are still here. Should I post more screenshots of them?

I'm still getting these to Madere. I don't think it's my computer this time around.

See attached file for popup image. Thanks.


8-Popupad.jpg (39.1 KB)

I will let Rose know, and we will eliminate these somehow. Thanks for the update, and I'm sorry about the ads.

Apparently, there was a long-forgotten experiment with an ad system, that apparently mysteriously (and unfortunately) re-activated in the last month. Rose has now de-activated the account, so I hope these will disappear in a few days.

Well, well, well so it wasn't spyware after all :-)

Glad you resolved the problem!!!



These popups on the ADEM site have gotten worse suddenly. This is what is popping up on every page I go to today. See attached file. HELP Rose!!!


7-Popupad.jpg (107 KB)

Okay, I'm on it...

We really need to make this issue of removing these pop up ads on this site a priority task for someone. Every single page load now pops up this same type ad. Please let's do something! Thanks!


We are working on this. In the meantime, Mark, try this:

I hope you get popup relief soon.

When you say every single page, Mark, do you mean just on ADEM? or other other communities, too?

Just the ADEM community. I'm sorry Madere, I meant to put that last post on the ADEM moderator board discussion not the public one that's why I assumed you knew I meant just ADEM. Thanks.


These popups only show up on the ADEM site. They don't show up on the Ben's Friends TBI site. They also don't show up anywhere else. It doesn't seem to be on anyone's individual machine; only this group itself.

Thanks to both of you. And a pox on the folks responsible for these awful ads. One way or the other, we will obliterate them...