After Spinal Surgery

Hello, I’m so sorry that I have not got back with you sooner. Things have been busy around here! The reason Brilynn had to have a spinal fusion and how it relates to the ADEM is that when the nerve damage was done it left her paralyzed from the belly button down. Since she has no muscle control she was not able to set herself upright so she was always leaning over. Then gravity set in and the continued pull was what caused her spine to curve. So the ADEM played a part due to the nerve damage. She has surgery in Oct and just got released 2 weeks ago to return to normal activities! She is happy to be back at school but now she has no flexion in her spine due to the rods in her back. The first 4 vertebrae are the only ones that do not have rods in them. So we now have to go to therapy and have everything re-modified so she can gain her independence back that she had learned prior to the surgery. I hope everything is well with you!! Have a good day, Cristal F.

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