We have a worried mother. Can you help?

Today I felt so sad when I approved @Priyanka’s membership to our group. Her child was diagnosed back in December, and still isn’t better. (To see Priyanka’s profile, just clic on @Priyanka)

That’s a pretty scary and lonely place to be, and I know that there are people here who will be able to relate to being in Priyanka’s position.

What she didn’t say was how old her child is: Priyanka, could you click on reply and tell us a bit more of your child’s story? How old is s/he?

If you can take a moment out to welcome this new member and make her feel that she’s amongst friends who understand, I know that she will appreciate the support.

Priyanka, over to you! We’re glad that you found us, but so sorry that there’s a reason why you are here.